Start Living Your Life!


One night I woke up from sleep
I had a nightmare,
Yet I could not weep
I saw myself lying on the bed
Eyes filled with tears,
Which I could not shed

No one was there around me
It was an empty nest
I tried to fake a smile
At all my level best.
Though I wasn’t happy from inside
Since chunk of my heart wasn’t beside

All the memories of their childhood
Came in my mind
Didn’t take much of time
It was a quick rewind
I learnt a lesson that day
Which I would like to share

Do not be too busy
Have some time to spare.
Keeping everyone else on priority
Don’t just always revolve
This life is pretty much yours
Better you dare to evolve.

A day will come when they’ll all leave
Good for you the sooner you believe
So my dear women
Start living your life
Your role on this planet
Is much beyond a mother and a wife.

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