May be not in the beginning
But surely at the end
He is always besides me
Holding my hand.

I took my first step
With all his love and care
It is my Father who rescued me
From all the moments of despair.

The most affectionate man with whom
All the childhood memories I share
Despite being my adored Brother
He is my rival beyond compare.

Often we played and studied together
Yes, He is my best Friend
Many a times he acted as my bodyguard
Just to ensure I am in safe hands.

In spite of huge differences and contrasts
We accepted each other with love and respect
My life partner is always there even when I don’t ask
He is the pillar who keeps the entire family intact.

May it be father, brother, friend or husband
I am what I am because of each one of them
With deep sense of gratitude I accept
This simple fact without any reluctance
WOman can never be a WOMAN

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