With each passing day Learn something new and grow Dare to build a golden castle With the stones which life throw. 'Let go' is the only mantra To have an eternal happy fate Better opt to reinvent yourself Before it's gonna too late. Break the invisible giant cage Leave aside self knitted web of beliefs … Continue reading ‘LET GO’

Start Living Your Life!

One night I woke up from sleep I had a nightmare, Yet I could not weep I saw myself lying on the bed Eyes filled with tears, Which I could not shed No one was there around me It was an empty nest I tried to fake a smile At all my level best. Though … Continue reading Start Living Your Life!


है ऐतबार ख़ुद पर उम्मीद दिल में लिए फिरती हूँ सजा के अधूरे सपने इन आँखों में सारी-सारी रात जगा करती हूँ। ख़्वाब से हक़ीक़त हक़ीक़त से फिर कुछ नए ख़्वाब बुनती हूँ कोरे कागज़ पर हर रोज़ कुछ नए रंग भरती हूँ। हाँ मैं औरत हूँ और औरत होने का हर फर्ज़ अदा करती … Continue reading औरत!

I am Complete Within!

Sneha and Raghav were childhood friends, they were so intimate that from food to emotions, they used to share everything among themselves, though they had many other friends but no other company was required for them when they were together, they were complete within themselves. But gradually Sneha observed that something was missing in her … Continue reading I am Complete Within!

Bitter or Better Person… Choice is Ours!

Life is a beautiful journey full of amazing experiences. Life offers us different situations and events to face and we gradually learn from all those situations and in due course that become our experiences which form our attitude towards life and shape our personality. In every phase of life and at every step we have … Continue reading Bitter or Better Person… Choice is Ours!